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"Before Zoid came along I was a nobody.  Now I'm the President!"  --Sluggo Gonzales 2013

trapped in the interdimensional time and space vortex
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Oh Excellent!  You are back!  Well the dandelions are in full bloom here in the Vortexx and the acid lake is bubbling once again.  Spring is wonderful time of year.  I have had some issues with the website but rest assured that the staff and the IT department should have everything up and running abnormally in just a few more days!   Welcome back!


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The Vortexx
This site has all horror hosts all the time doing what they do best.....check it out!

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News and info about your favorite Horror Hosts.  Updated almost daily!

HocusFocus Productions

Cool site where you can surf channels with various themes all related to Horror/Paranormal/Sci-Fi

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Weekly Horror Host Update and much more!

Monsters From the Basement
News and interviews from conventions around the country plus much more.

Weird Web Theater
A Ghastlee Ghoul and Mod Ghoul serve up some of the cheesiest movies available!  Look for the Mod kids too!

Shocko the Clown  
This Clown does awesome mash-ups of some classic movies!

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